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December 8th, 2014


I exhibited 4 pieces of Artwork at the Nutmeg Spice Art & Photo Exhibition 2014. One of my pieces found a new home in Germany!

Does Not Going to Art School Make Your Painting Less Worthy?

November 23rd, 2014

So I met someone today who said to me that because I did not go to art school like some other artist I have to price my work significantly lower than someone who went to art school. So I thought to myself what does a piece of paper have to do with the end product. I find that thinking to be very myopic! I may be biased but I personally don't see the difference between my artwork and those who have the paper behind their names. So I felt it necessary to do some research and see if some of the famous artist that we know today all went to art school and I came across this article written by a fellow artist. I am sure you would find it enlightening! I know it was for me.

Can't Believe They Are Self-taught Artists

by Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA on 1/3/2013 11:32:43 AM

"The self-taught artist - if the proof of the pudding is in the tasting -- and who can dispute such logic? -- then, the worth of a picture must rest in the viewing. What do you think? Can art be self-taught?" Quote and question by Fritz Henning.

"The truth is, little is known about the workings of that most complex of computers, the human mind. Just how we activate the circuits and control the switches in our cranium to acquire and assimilate information is largely a mystery.." by Fritz Henning.

If an individual has the desire to become an artist, that person will some how acquire the know-how of learning the skills. It may be through art classes, art workshops, college, or learning on their own....but it is not really important how he or she learns, as long as in the process and in the final result, he or she becomes the accomplished artist. Can one produce exceptional art works without formal training?
Of course studying art through classes and workshops is an easier way to learn quickly and correctly without going through the trial and error on your own. However, no one can deny that there are some very well-known accomplished artists who have been self-taught. There are many great examples of artists who are basically self-taught, and some who are not so well-known or recognized, but are really very accomplished.

How does the artist who is self-taught accomplish all that they know on their own? The fact is that they had a powerful passion and desire to draw and to paint. That is the ingredient that caused them to learn all they needed to know to become an artist. For some, they have been drawing since they were children. They were always drawing and/or painting, and they were always reading about art, they studied works of others, they examined and experimented and practiced continuesly.
Something within them gave them the incentive and will power to pursue and dedicate their life to learning despite the agonized battle of frustration they faced on and off. Even when it seemed hopeless, they were determined. It was the school of blood, sweat and tears.

Granted, the classroom with the teacher is an advantage and puts one in an environment easier for learning, but even then, an art student must have the determination and will power to do the work that is necessary. The classroom art student learns through classroom discussions on art theory, composition, design, color, and all the ways toward being an accomplished artist including the demonstration of techniques that the student can try. No matter what though, it can only be done by doing..and the classroom art student must be willing to learn. The self-taught artist does not waste time when learning. The self-taught artist does not have to concern themself with various ways that the art professor might insist be done even though he or she has no interest, such as a particular style or way of painting.
Fortunately, some may have had the opportunity of having art in high school and no formal training afterwards... and continued on their own, but they are mainly self-taught. Some of the self-taught never had the money or the opportunity to attend art classes or go to art school. We often hear of those who studied art in college, but then did nothing with it afterwards, while the self-taught artists motivation and desire outlasted the individual who attended college.

I had read an article by Fritz Henning about well-known self-taught artists and was amazed by their names. See below.

Vincent van Gogh --- he studied art very briefly at the Antwerp Academy. It had no effect at all on his approach to painting.
Henri Rousseau --- He had been a soldier and customs official, and started painting after retirement to supplement his pension.
Anna Mary (Grandma) Moses --- No art training and painted over 1600 paintings in 3 decades. She became internationally known as a modern primitive.
Maurice de Vlaminck -- was a racing cyclist and violinist who painted in his spare time. Fauvist style of painting.
Paul Gaugin --- had been a silor and a stockbroker before he began painting. He was influenced by Pissarro.
Rose O'Neill --- her stylized characters were the basis for the creation of the once popular Kewpie Dolls.
Maurice Utrillo -- was an alcoholic who spent long periods in hospitals. Began painting for its remedial value.
Charles M. Russell --- no training at all. He was one of the best western artistts.
Paul Bransom --- an animal artist.
George Catlin --- Studied law. Moved west in 1830 and became a painter portraying the ways and customs of native americans.
James McNeill Whistler --- mainly self-taught.
Albert Dorne --- mainly self-taught.
Milton Avery --- mainly self-taught. Developed his personal poetic approach through independent study.
Winslow Homer --- No formal art schooling.

And there are many, many more. Do you know of any? Probably.

Thank you for reading.
Artfully yours,

Time-Lapse Of A Landscape Painting A View Of The Carenage

October 3rd, 2014

Time-Lapse Of A Landscape Painting A View Of The Carenage

I worked on this painting for a few days. I hope you enjoy my video, if you would like to purchase any of my paintings please check out my Facebook page at, and don't forget to LIKE my page. Also don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE my video. Thanks! Check out my other time-lapse videos

Time - Lapse Painting Cocoa Pod On Hand

September 25th, 2014

Time - Lapse Painting  Cocoa Pod On Hand

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Time - Lapse Of My Paintings...Enjoy

September 25th, 2014

Time - Lapse Of My Paintings...Enjoy

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The Love Of Painting

June 27th, 2013

The Love Of Painting

Because of my love for painting I am trying to produce new pieces all the time. I hope others enjoy my art!