Laura Forde




I am a self-taught artist who always had a love for art. So through books, online workshops, webinars and videos I was able to gain the knowledge to express my art. I started painting in 2006 but really got serious about it in 2012. I live in Caribbean island of Grenada. Some of my art pieces have found new homes in the U.K., U.S., Germany, Trinidad and Grenada. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love being able to produce it.

Artist Statement

I am inspired to paint by what I see around me. Painting allows me to stop, see and appreciate Gods creation. As an artist I am able to really see the beauty in my surroundings that others may just take for granted.

If you are interested in purchasing the Original piece of art please contact me. If you are here in Grenada please feel free to contact me in order come and visit my Art Gallery!

As a beekeeper l have honey for sale as well as some natural beeswax products.

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Annadale Waterfall by Laura Forde


The Apple by Laura Forde


Life Guard Station by Laura Forde


Going For A Swim by Laura Forde


Eating Breakfast by Laura Forde


Peaceful by Laura Forde


Tranquility by Laura Forde


Gone Exploring by Laura Forde


Nightscape by Laura Forde


Train Ride by Laura Forde


Watching You by Laura Forde


Walking Home by Laura Forde


The Yellow and blue boat by Laura Forde


The Pot and Light by Laura Forde


The Oranage by Laura Forde


Telephone booth by Laura Forde


Seeing Red by Laura Forde


Seeing Green by Laura Forde


Mother and Child by Laura Forde


Eating by Laura Forde


Going Home by Laura Forde


Carenage by Laura Forde


Busy Bees by Laura Forde